Flexible Dies Production

  • Magnetic Base

    Magnetic Base

    For certain applications, conventional wooden or PVC based flat die cannot satisfy converting requirement either because of die cut quality or constrain of shape, yet converters might be limited with their capability of rotary die cut machine or in short of certain rotary tools.
  • Magnetic Cylinders

    Magnetic Cylinders

    Magnetic Cylinder of Teresa utilizes high quality steel imported from Europe, high strength magnets and glue, to ensure the cylinder’s long terms stability. The outer circle accuracy ensure stability and precision when rotary die cutting.
  • Flexible  Dies

    Flexible Dies

    Flexible Die, also known as magnetic die ,rotary die cutting version equipped on magnetic roller is cost-effective tool in rotary die cutting.Flexible Die from Teresa utilizes top quality steel imported from Europe, going through rigid chemical milling then to be finished by CNC machining.