Surface Repair Method of Printing Press Cylinder

The repair methods of printing press cylinders, such as adhesive filling repair, mechanical filling, arc welding, and brush plating repair methods of cast iron printing cylinders, aluminum alloy cylinders and cast steel printing cylinders. Printing press cylinder repair poisoning matters.
The important part of the printing press is the printing cylinder. The surface finish, dimensional accuracy and hardness of the cylinder have a very important impact on the quality of the printed matter. Especially when printing fine prints, any defect on the surface of the cylinder will reduce the overall printing effect of the product, resulting in a virtual or distorted image and text of the printed product. In actual production, due to poor operation of the staff or other accidents, hard objects may be rolled into the cylinder of the printing press, resulting in damage to the surface of the cylinder. Acidic ink, alcohol, fountain solution and other chemical raw materials used in the printing process will corrode the cylinder + cause local collapse of the cylinder and spots. In addition, the long-term running and wear of the printing press will also cause the cylinder to rust and wear.
A quick fix
1. Adhesive filling repair method
This method is suitable for repairing small pits formed on the surface of the roller due to corrosion or small parts such as small screws and compacts. Great influence.
(1) First remove the dirt on the concave parts of the drum surface, and grind off the protrusions on the edge of the pit. Ran used organic solvents such as Bing Xing and meat to clean the table and get oily.
(2) Use high-strength AB glue or epoxy resin adhesive for deployment, then add an appropriate amount of iron powder to mix evenly, and apply it to the depression of the roller.
(3) After the coating is completed, immediately scrape the longer steel sheet along the surface of the drum to make the coating level with the surface of the drum as much as possible.
(4) After the coating is completely cured, use a fine file, a fine emery cloth and other tools to smooth the surface of the coating, and then use a whetstone to polish the repaired part.
2. mechanical padding
This repair method is mainly aimed at large foreign objects rolling into the drum, resulting in large dents on the surface of the drum
(1) Clean the surface of the drum with organic solvents such as acetone and stupid.
(2) Select a small-diameter drill bit according to the width of the dent (the diameter of the drill bit should be slightly smaller than the width of the dent), and use an electric drill to drill a 10-15mm deep hole along the surface L of the dent storage drum. Each hole is as close as possible. Thin layer grinding section, grinding.
3. Repair of the nut
(3) Use a small chisel to open the hole to make it into the shape of a dovetail groove. Small surface, large bottom
(4) Melt the copper strip slightly thicker than the dovetail groove into the groove with a brass rod, and then continue to strike the copper strip exposed in the groove to expand the bottom of the copper strip in the groove and firmly bite the drum. Then knock the surface flat so that the copper and the damaged part are firmly bonded together?
(5) Trim with a fine file. When the copper and the surface of the drum are almost the same, use a fine emery cloth and a whetstone to polish it smoothly.
3. Torsional arc welding
This repair method is protected by argon gas during operation. The surface of the drum is small and easy to oxidize, and the welding temperature is relatively low, and the surface is small and large deformation occurs. Therefore, it is possible to deal with more serious roller surface crushing and even defects.
(1) Clean the surface of the drum with organic solvents such as propylene copper and benzene.
(2) Spot welding and surfacing welding on the damaged parts of the drum surface by using a special arc welding machine.
(3) Flatten the welding part with a fine file, and smooth the surface with fine emery cloth and whetstone.

Post time: Mar-10-2022