Rotary Tools

  • kraft paper cutter

    kraft paper cutter

    Die-cutting product application: With the most stringent “plastic ban” implementation in packaging industry,high performance environmental protection paper (honeycomb mesh kraft paper) will replace bubble pack, foam and other packaging materials. Kraft paper after die-cutting come out honeycomb mesh kraft paper, only need to stretch the die cutted paper, good cushioning effect appear , with cushioning shock absorption, beautiful, decorative feature. Suitable for stationery, cosmet...
  • Adjustable anvil cylinder

    Adjustable anvil cylinder

    Adjustable anvil cylinder is the world's leading die-cutting clearance adjustment system, which can adjust the clearance when the machine is running. The adjustable anvil cylinder adopts eccentric shaft structure. It is mainly used to adjust the distance between anvil cylinder and magnetic cylinder.
  • Removable sheeter(cross cutter)

    Removable sheeter(cross cutter)

    Cross cutter, by its name, is used for cross cutting and perforation. So we have two types of blades, one is for cross cutting and the other is for perforation.
  • Rubber Roller

    Rubber Roller

    Rubber Rollers from Teresa is coated with high quality PU Rubber and made as per OEM machinery's specifications.
  • Anilox Rollers

    Anilox Rollers

    Anilox Rollers are essential components in Flexo Printing, Carton Printing and Coating.
  • Print Cylinder Shaft

    Print Cylinder Shaft

    High quality printing need regularly check and maintain the component of press. Print Cylinder shaft is one of the key component on press which affect printing dot and overprinting precision. Choose the proper shaft your printing would have perfect quality.
  • Print Cylinders

    Print Cylinders

    Select the best available high quality aluminum material, Teresa’s Print Cylinders are designed as “light weight style”, which is the most contemporary and popular design in industry.
  • Solid Rotary cutter

    Solid Rotary cutter

    Solid Rotary cutter is the most traditional application of cylinder die-cutting .Rotary cutter of Teresa can be designed to ordinary carving die, air-blast carving die with different function according to different requirements. The blade can be designed to cut only surface material left liner or cut through material. Applications When you need to use a rotary cutter, we provide assistance of each mold conversion application for you.With high production technology, manufacturing technology,su...
  • Magnetic Cylinders

    Magnetic Cylinders

    Magnetic Cylinder of Teresa utilizes high quality steel imported from Europe, high strength magnets and glue, to ensure the cylinder’s long terms stability. The outer circle accuracy ensure stability and precision when rotary die cutting.