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Solid Rotary cutter is the most traditional application of cylinder die-cutting .Rotary cutter of Teresa can be designed to ordinary carving die, air-blast carving die with different function according to different requirements. The blade can be designed to cut only surface material left liner or cut through material.


When you need to use a rotary cutter, we provide assistance of each mold conversion application for you.With high production technology, manufacturing technology,surface treatment and good quality steel,Teresa manufacture Fixed Circular die and rotary cutter for any work required .

Technical Specifications

1.Rotary cutter utilizing high quality steelby vacuum heat treatment the hardness can reach to 60 – 62 Rockwell. 

2.Teresa provides you high quality rotary die-cutting to ensure superior wear resistance and long-term stability of die and reliable technical support.

Unique Features

Whether you are facing a full cut or half cut problem or other complicated problem we can provide the best cutting solution for you.

Correct cylinder dimension

If rotary cylinders are sized insufficiently, there is danger of bending. This applies especially to systems with no bridge and non-supported anvil cylinders. As a consequence, the cutting in the middle of the web becomes too light. A rule of thumb for magnetic cylinders, cutting cylinders and anvil cylinders is:

The circumference is at least as great as the maximum working width of the cylinder. That is:

Width > Circumference (×)

Width ≤ Circumference ()

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